The governance system of FISIA ITALIMPIANTI S.p.A. is guided by the Shareholder’s Meeting and by the Board of Directors. The company's control and surveillance bodies are represented by the Board of Statutory Auditors and the Integrity Board. Hereinafter, a list of the functions of the abovementioned bodies:

  • Shareholders' Meeting: pursuant to Article 13 of the Bylaws and by the law, the Shareholders' Meeting is both ordinary and extraordinary.
  • Board of Directors: the Board of Directors comprises 3 members. One of these acts as Chairman. He/she is invested with the greatest powers, for the company's ordinary and extraordinary management, with no exception. He/she can carry out all actions deemed necessary for social or instrumental actions, except those that, according to the Bylaws and to the law, must only be carried out by the Shareholders' Meeting. The BoD is responsible for establishing or suppressing a secondary site, and for stating which Directors can represent the Company. The Board of Directors can invest the Chairman and the CEO with ordinary and extraordinary powers, with the limits deemed necessary. The CEO is the company's legal representative. He/she is the person signing documents in front of third parties, and for court proceedings.
  • CEO: he/she is invested with special powers, as resolved in the BoD Resolution of April 20, 2021.
  • Board of Statutory Auditors: it comprises 3 Statutory Auditors and 2 Alternate Auditors. All members of the Board of Statutory Auditors are appointed for 3 years, and can be re-elected. The Board of Statutory Auditors is responsible for monitoring: compliance with the laws and Bylaws; respect of the principles of sound management; the adequacy of the Company’s organization, and of the administrative-accounting system and the reliability of this system to present operational results accurately.
  • Integrity Board: it comprises two members. One of these acts as Chairman, and must monitor compliance with regulations set in the current model, also updating it.