Our History: more than 95 Years in the Water Sector

Fisia Italimpianti gathers more than 95 years of experience in the design and execution of desalination and water treatment and waste management plants.

The company was born by several mergers started in 1926 when Castagnetti Water Treatment, a company operative in engineering and construction of water treatment plants, solid waste & industrial waste gases treatment plants, was founded.

In 1957 ITALIMPIANTI Environmental division and Desalination starts its activities as a worldwide well-known Industrial Engineering Company, focused on design, build and refurbish engineering plants, civil and industrial works all over the world.

Fisia was born in the 1990 union between FIAT Engineering Environment Division (established in 1988) and Castagnetti Water Treatment, while in 1996 Fisia and ITALIMPIANTI merged, giving life to Fisia Italimpianti SpA.