Vision, Mission & Values

Magic Water
If there is a magic on this planet, it is contained in water
Loren Eiseley, Anthropologist


We firmly believe that water is the most precious resource in the world, to be preserved for current and future generations.


We undertake daily to preserve and transform scarce water into a limitless resource, delivering solutions to provide people with safe and accessible water.


We build infrastructures that last in time and promote sustainale development for current and future generations

We believe in competence and skill in work that is well done and capable of exceeding client's exptectations

We promote an ethical, open and trasparent conduct with all our stakeholders.

We respect people, diversity and the environment.


World Leader in Desalination

Fisia Italimpianti supplies reliable and well tested solutions for all the available desalination technologies, satisfying the highest technical requirements in any country all over the world, with well-proved skills in managing projects over the most complex areas.

Fully tailored solutions

The multi-decennial experience and the gained skills to fit Clients’ specific needs provide tailored solutions for desalination plants, from design to final commissioning.

Experience and Solidity

Fisia Italimpianti gathers over than 95 years of activity in the design and execution of desalination and water treatment plants and today is part of Webuild Group, the top global infrastructure Company in the water sector (ENR). This provides it with added technical expertise.


The Research and Development Department (R&D) offers more effective, cost competitive and fast delivered solutions, always ensuring the application of the most sustainable and cost-effective technologies.