Existing thermal desalination plants: a most precious asset to be preserved and upgraded

Emilio Ghiazza, 2017

Large desalination units with high thermal efficiency: a viable path to reduction of energy and cost

Emilio Ghiazza, 2015

Med-adt: a new desalination technology for geothermal energy exploitation

Marco Garzoglio, 2015

Thermal desalination plants feed water pretreatement to increase performances of existing plants

Giorgio Migliorini, 2015

Desalination by renewable energy: a challenge for the future

Emilio Ghiazza, 2013

Innovation in Multi Stage Flash evaporator design for reduced energy consumption and low installation cost

E. Ghiazza, R. Borsani, F. Alt, 2013

Offshore sw intake for desalination plant: operating experience to minimizing enviromental impacts

M. Garzoglio, A. Ameglio, M. Brioschi, 2011

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