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Rennes Métropole (France) waste-to-energy plant

Process: WtE

Duration of the project: 2019 – in progress

Client: Rennes Métropole

The Rennes Métropole waste-to-energy plant treats 144,000 tons/year of waste and generates 31,000 MWh of electricity in addition to district heating for 20,000 homes.

The plant modernization project will allow retaining its treatment capacity by spreading it over two new 9 tons/hr. lines. The new lines will be equipped with a dry fume treatment system.

These activities will allow the future plant to perform better with respect to the future requirements of European standards, in particular as regards to nitrogen oxides. The modernization will optimize the recovery of the energy produced by the combustion of waste, doubling of the amount of generated electricity and increasing by 30% the supply of heat to the grid, which will greatly expand in the coming years.

The replacement of older pieces of equipment and the improvement of the existing ones will improve the plant operating and maintenance conditions.

This work will also represent an opportunity to:

  • Improve waste storage conditions, especially during technical shut-downs, so ad to reduce the tonnage sent to other facilities,
  • Reduce the impact on the road network in the surrounding area through the improvement of internal logistics
  • Create an actual educational tourist circuit,
  • Improve the integration of the plant with its neighbourhood.
144.000 tons/year