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Waste to Energy Plants (WtE)

Incinerators primarily used to reduce waste mass have nowadays systems for energy recovery. Modern incinerators can be designed to receive different types of waste using various types of combustion technologies, and are characterized by emissions abatement and pollution prevention systems.

The mass-burn incineration is one of the most developed and widely deployed forms of MSW thermal treatment. Currently, grate and fluidised bed furnaces are commonly used for waste incineration. The present trend is to utilize grate systems for the combustion of untreated waste, and fluidised beds for the combustion of refused derived fuel(RDF).

Technology used by Fisia Italimpianti is grate-type incinerators

The energy recovery from combustion is based on the employment of a steam turbine fed by a heat recovery steam generator.

The generated superheated steam is utilized in an a steam condensing turbine to produce electrical energy to be dispatched to an external network.