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Business Areas

We are one of the most competitive Main/EPC Contractor in the global market, carrying out desalination plants of high level quality with reverse osmosis, multi stage flash and MED technologies, water and waste water production, treatment and environment sustainability.
We combine expertise in technology, design and operation with innovative business models, offering a full range of solutions to meet the needs of cities, governments, businesses and industries.

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Fisia Italimpianti operates in the design and realization of waste treatment plants and waste to energy plants since 1980.

Fisia Italimpianti’s experience ranges from design, build, commissioning and testing of plants to a specialized activity of operation and maintenance of the realized plants which are still in operation.

Specialized teams analyze and solve different problems occurred during plants life, such as materials corrosion, accidents investigation, equipment troubleshooting, performance optimization and improvements.

Due to the wide experience of our staff in process design, commissioning and testing of our plants achieved in the past, we can provide assistance and consultancy to operation and maintenance companies for:

  • Improving the performances and the reliability of existing plants
  • Optimizing operation procedures and reduce the operating costs
  • Analyzing incidents and propose solutions
  • Executing or supervise recommissioning and testing

We can also design and supply retrofitting solutions for existing plants and propose refurbishments of old plants to extend their design life: most of our earlier projects are still in operation successfully after 25-30 years from start-up.