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Business Areas

We are one of the most competitive Main/EPC Contractor in the global market, carrying out desalination plants of high level quality with reverse osmosis, multi stage flash and MED technologies, water and waste water production, treatment and environment sustainability.
We combine expertise in technology, design and operation with innovative business models, offering a full range of solutions to meet the needs of cities, governments, businesses and industries.

Seawater desalination is one of the most promising ways to solve the water shortage, providing and maintaining clean and safe water for drinking, daily public use, industrial processes, sanitary uses, etc.

Experience and skills gained in over 40 years allows Fisia Italimpianti to identify the best solution among all the available desalination technologies, capable to fit the specific needs of different owners, always considering the geographical framework.

The Company’s portfolio ranges from thermal to membrane (RO) desalination technologies, where there is a consolidated experience as EPC/DB contractor both in the contexts of Turn-key and Independent Water and Power Project (IWPP).

Total desalination production achieved is more than 4,800,000 m3/d (1,055 MIGD), mostly delivered in the Middle East.

Main Projects


Ghubrah 3 IWP

Located on the coast in the Gulf of Oman north of Muscat, Ghubrah 3 IWP will serve residents living near the capital.
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