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Abu Dhabi - Mirfa

Process: Multi Stage Flash

Duration of the project: 2000 - 2002

Client: ADWEA , Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority

The contract has been awarded in September 2000. The plant installed at Mirfa (Abu Dhabi) consists of water production capacity of 22.5 MIGD and a complete steam production station.

This plant represents the first fast-track project using this kind of technology: only 14 months have been necessary from the contract award to the commercial operations’ beginning.

This result has been reached adopting a pre-fabrication technology to speed up the construction on site, reducing the commissioning period. Most of testing of the evaporator body has been taken out at workshop, minimizing the site adjustment.

102,200 m3/d (27 MIGD)
3 X 7.5 MIGD
Perf. ratio
Distillate Quality
50 microSiemens/cm
Max Temperature
110° C