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Barka 5 IWP - Oman

Process: Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Duration of the project: 2020 - in progress

Client: Oman Power & Water Procurement (OPWP)

The RO desalination plant Barka 5 IWP will be built north of Muscat, in the Gulf of Oman. As Ghubrah 3 IWP, the other plant that Fisia Italimpianti will simultaneously build in Oman, the plant will serve residents living near the capital.

Barka 5 IWP will produce 100,000 cubic metres a day (22 MIGD).

Fisia Italimpianti entered Oman in 2017 with the Salalah project, a desalination plant that also uses the reverse osmosis process with a capacity of 113,500 cubic metres a day (25 MIGD).

100.000 m3/d (22 MIGD)
5 RO Trains
Membrane type
Spiral Wound
DAF and Gravity Dual Media Filters
Up-flow limestone filters



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Located on the coast in the Gulf of Oman north of Muscat, Ghubrah 3 IWP will serve residents living near the capital.
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