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Ras Abu Fontas, A1-B2 Projects

Process: Multi Stage Flash

Duration of the project: 2007 - 2010

Client: QEWC – Qatar Electricy and Water Company

Located in Ras Abu Fontas, at 10 km south of Doha, the Ras Abu Fontas (RAF) complex comprises powerhouses and desalination plants named A, A1, B, B1, B2, etc. These plants were built over 30 years knowing that the most recent powerhouse would provide vapour to the desalination units of each plant. Every desalination plant in the complex is a Multi Stage Flash (MSF) one.

The Group designed the B2 and A1 plants, also making them function. The first of these, can produce 30 MIGD of water using two MSF units. The A1 project included the installation of three heat recovery boilers at the end of the three existing turbines. Also, three desalination units offering an overall capacity of 45 MIGD. One of the greatest challenges was the long distance (2 km) between the source of the vapour and the identified position for the MSF units.

Building sections B2 and A1 guaranteed greater operational flexibility to the plant, reduced costs and environmental impact, optimizing energy, vapor and water production in the entire complex, and reducing the total quantity of fuel for the powerhouses.

340,000 m3/d (75 MIGD)
5 X 15 MIGD
Perf. ratio
Distilled Quality
50 microSiemens/cm
Top brine temperature
110° C

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