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Salalah Independent Water Project

Process: Reverse Osmosis

Duration of the project: 2018 - 2021

Client: Dhofar Desalination Company SAOC

Located in the Salalah area on the western Oman, the plant will be a RO seawater desalination plant for the production of 25 MIGD (113,500 m3/d) of drinking water.

Salalah Independent Water Project is the first plant that Fisia Italimpianti realizes in Oman.

The works include seawater intake, brine outfall and the new RO plant.

The plant is particularly innovative for the use of the technology of the DAFT (Dissolved Air Flotation) as pre-treatment and the technology of the Gravity Limestone Contactors as permeated post-treatment.



113,500 m3/d (25 MIGD)
5 RO trains
Membrane type
Spiral wound
DAF, Gravity and Dual Media filters
CO2 and lime water injection




Salalah Independent Water Project – Oman – 2021

Fisia Italimpianti

Salalah Independent Water Project – Oman – April 2020

Fisia Italimpianti

Salalah Independent Water Project – Oman – 2018-ongoing

Fisia Italimpianti


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