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Yenikapi - Turkey

Process: Activated Sludge

Duration of the project: 2018 – ongoing

Client: ISKI, Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration

Pre-Treatment Unit

  • Coarse Screen
  • Fine Screen
  • Grit&Grease Removal Unit
  • Perforated Screen Unit

Biological Treatment Unit

  • Distribution Chamber to Aeration Tanks
  • Aeration Tanks System
  • Sedimentation System
  • Chemical Dosing and Blower Unit

Sludge Treatment System (Location is Yenikapı WWTP)

  • Sludge Reservoir and Transfer Tank

Waste water are collected from Yenikapi area and after treatment are discharged to Marmara Sea.
The Heatment process is based on “High Load Activated Sludge” type.
The plant is located in a central area of Istanbul: to limit the environmental impact, it will be of complete underground construction.

2,000,000 inhabitants equivalent
Preliminary Treatment
750,000 m3/d
Biological stage
450,000 m3/d