Social & Environmental Challenges

Purely water
Access to a secure, safe and sufficient source of fresh water is a fundamental requirement for the survival, well-being and socio-economic development of all humanity. Yet, we continue to act as if fresh water were a perpetually abundant resource. It is not.
Akira Kurosawa, Film director

Fisia Italimpianti exerts a constant effort in environmental issues. The aim is to offer a decisive contribute to the sustainable resolution of two main complex issues: environmental pollution and potable water scarcity manly in developing countries.

According to the Worldwatch Institute of Washington, rising prosperity and the increasing urbanization of the world population could lead to doubling the volume of municipal solid waste (MSW) produced annually by 2025.

Although some of the mechanical solid waste is recycled, the expected doubling of waste indicated would bring the volume of solid waste from present 1.3 billion tons per year to 2.6 billion tons, therefore challenging environmental and public health management in the world's cities.

Fisia Italimpianti is playing a key role in developing advanced technologies to obtain energy from the Renewable Sources and from waste, also using it to get potable water.