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Studi e pubblicazioni

Creating resilient solutions to water need

Giorgio Migliorini, Laura Enrica Bruno. 2019

Existing thermal desalination plants: a most precious asset to be preserved and upgraded

Emilio Ghiazza, 2017

Large desalination units with high thermal efficiency: a viable path to reduction of energy and cost

Emilio Ghiazza, 2015

Med-adt: a new desalination technology for geothermal energy exploitation

Marco Garzoglio, 2015

Thermal desalination plants feed water pretreatement to increase performances of existing plants

Giorgio Migliorini, 2015

Desalination by renewable energy: a challenge for the future

Emilio Ghiazza, 2013

Innovation in Multi Stage Flash evaporator design for reduced energy consumption and low installation cost

E. Ghiazza, R. Borsani, F. Alt, 2013

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