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Dubai - Jebel Ali M

Process: Multi Stage Flash

Duration of the project: 2007 -2012

Client: DEWA, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority

Jebel Ali M is an icon among the desalination sector: the project was the largest desalination plant in the UAE at the time of its completion.

It has a capacity of 140 million gallons of water per day. The eight desalination units are among the largest in the world, each one producing 17.5 MIGD (80,000 m³/day) of water. SW feeds the plant from the Gulf via complex and huge intake works, capable to provide the enormous SW flows necessary.

Jebel Ali M was nominated in 2014 as the "Year Desalination Plant" by the Global Water Awards, which rewards the most important achievements in the International Desalination Industry.

636,400 m3/d (140 MIGD)
8 X 17.5 MIGD
Perf. ratio
Distillate Quality
25 microSiemens/cm
Top Brine Temperature
112° C

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