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Business Areas

We are one of the most competitive Main/EPC Contractor in the global market, carrying out desalination plants of high level quality with reverse osmosis, multi stage flash and MED technologies, water and waste water production, treatment and environment sustainability.
We combine expertise in technology, design and operation with innovative business models, offering a full range of solutions to meet the needs of cities, governments, businesses and industries.

Fisia Italimpianti realizes the design and construction of several types of industrial plants for production of water for domestic as well as industrial use.

The portfolio includes Municipal and Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants, Potable Water Treatment Plants, Remineralization Plants, Water Injection Plants and Aquariums.

Fisia Italimpianti, by its internal design team of engineers experienced in all fields of Water Treatment, is capable to offer engineered solutions targeted to:

  • optimize capital and operating costs
  • maximize the reliability and the life of the plant
  • reduce the environmental impact

In cooperation with Research Organizations and with the best Universities, the R&D department is studying new technologies for the improvement and the simplification of the water treatment processes.